The Compelling Experience of the Truth

…as I had that first flash, a strong force inside me seemed to be saying, “Now that you’ve let us see a little, we insist on seeing perfectly.”

I realized that we’re all whole and perfect right now and we just don’t experience that wholeness because we’ve covered it up. It takes less energy to be free and flowing than to be locked up in stress, and something inside us is dying to experience and to express that flow.

We learn by releasing and letting go, not by adding on.

This perfection, this wholeness, does not refer to superior achievement, moral rectitude, personality. It is not comparative and not even personal. Rather, it is an insight into Nature – the integrity of form and function in life itself, connection with a perfect process.

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About VisionVine

Truth is a practice. It is fluid. This site is an exercise such as a gauge of the expansiveness of the imagination in a fanciful manner. An exercise that tests the spectrum of our perspective. Truth calls on intuition, activates our sense of finding direction, rather than inventing it, like archeologists that dig not for the past but for the future. Non linear conceptualization: intuitive and paradoxical. This project is intended to create an experience of the Truth, to test the imagination, to reach its parameters and push them out. To facilitate a transition into a new paradigm.
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One Response to The Compelling Experience of the Truth

  1. Lorraine Davis says:

    Interesting choice of words “seeing perfectly”. Seems like most of my life I’ve wanted to see perfectly. As in as if they were perfect, idylic. I don’t even know anymore what perfect means.
    My struggle in the now is to see clearly. Both the positive and negative, maybe seeing wholey or would that be holy.

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