How the U.S. Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry – Nikola Tesla

In 1955, Otis T. Carr, a protégé of Nikola Tesla began a highly visible public effort to develop a prototype civilian spacecraft that could be mass produced in kits and sold to the public. If successful, Carr would have developed the world’s first civilian spacecraft and would have revolutionized the aviation industry. The vehicle was to be powered by an electric generator drawing electrical energy from the environment, and would have produced an antigravity effect for propulsion. Carr claimed to have been taught all he knew about electromagnetic energy and antigravity principles by the famous Yugoslav inventor Nikola Tesla. He had resided in a New York hotel where Carr worked part time while completing his studies. Tesla had publicly stated in 1915 that he knew how to build an antigravity flying vehicle: “My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground, and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety.”[2] Tesla’s flying vehicle would be powered by electrical energy drawn from the earth’s atmosphere and stored in special coils. Frustrated by lack of industry support, Tesla revealed his radical ideas to the young Carr over a three year period.

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