Philip Schneider

Message from the ex-wife of Philip Schneider, Cynthia Drayer

Philip was strangled with a long thin rubber hose. It was wrapped around his neck several times and knotted once in the front. His death certificate states that he committed suicide by strangulation. Having known Philip, he would never have killed himself, let along killed himself in such a bizarre manner. His body was found slumped over his bed and his body had fallen head first into his wheel chair. It was a most unusual position. In order to end up where he did, he would have taken the rubber hose, wrapped it around his neck several times (which he could not do because of limited movement in his shoulders) and tied it in a knot (which he could not do because he had several fingers missing) and them just sat there on the edge of his bed waiting to die, then would have fallen over into his wheel chair. Many times, and even in one of his videos, he mentioned that if it was said he ever committed suicide, you would know that he had been murdered. This was 1/10/1996, during the Clinton presidency, when murder by suicide was quite common. His best friend had been murdered by suicide in a Portland Park, Ron Rummel. Philip’s life had been threatened/endangered several times the previous 4 months. He had been run off the road in California and had been shot in the shoulder. He had ways of knowing when he was in danger and had a way of “avoiding” death. But this time his assailants did something different. They did not threaten him directly. They threatened him by saying that they would hurt his daughter Marie, or his god son Michael, or me. They knew where we lived and where Marie went to school and who our day care provider was. They told him that if he did not “give himself up to them” that they would hurt his family. He believed them and so he gave himself up in order to keep us safe. In a way, he became more powerful in death, as his message is all over the Internet and he may be more well known now than he was in life.

The reason why there was so much confusion about his death is because he died 1/10 but his body was not found until 1/17, and it was a very warm apartment. His body had swollen and he was green already with decay. You could not see the rubber hose around his neck until later, when he was placed into “cold storage” at the funeral home. When he was first found, the police officer, landlord, and his best friend Blaine, thought he died of a stroke (there was blood on the floor near the wheelchair) and although it was against the law, no coroner or assistant came to see his body before it was removed from his apartment (the coroner was golfing and did not want to leave his game). They just called the funeral home and he was taken from Woodburn, where he lived, to Portland where I lived. I asked the funeral director if I could see the body, but because of the decay, he suggested I not do that and told me the coroner of Clackamas Co. in Oregon was someone he knew and trusted. However, even the funeral director did not know that the coroner had never been to Philip’s home in Woodburn. Later the funeral director went in to look at Philip’s body, and that is when he found the rubber hose around his neck. He might never have looked except I kept hinting that I wanted to be sure it was a natural cause and not a murder.

After the funeral director saw the hose, he called the police, and they took Philip’s body to the Medical Examiner. When I saw the autopsy report I did not believe at first that it was Philip because the descriptions of his body was all wrong. I asked for the autopsy photos, however, and it was Philip, in graphic detail, but to this day I know from the autopsy report that there was a major cover up from the description of his body. I was told that samples of his blood and urine would be kept. I had his body cremated thinking that if I needed to, I could request the samples for testing. But like everything else, it was a lie and they destroyed everything.

What materials were stolen from your house that belonged to Phil?

Initially I could not find Philip’s wallet. I looked everywhere. In his cloths in the closet, under the bed. under items, everywhere. A day later I mentioned to the police that the wallet was missing and they actually took an interest in his death, until his wallet mysteriously “appeared” in his pant’s pockets in his closet. Once I found it, they stopped being interested. So someone had come back into the apartment and “returned” his wallet.

The items that were stolen were:

1) All of his notes for his upcoming book. I even wrote a chapter for
his book on how to protect yourself against aliens.

2) All lecture notes and photographs. These included the original Navy
photos of the Bikini Atoll and the atomic blasts. Airiel photos showed
UFO’s coming out of the Bikini Lagoon through the mushroom clouds. So when you see the videos of Philip’s lectures and you see photos being shown, they were ALL gone

3) All of his Higher Math Books, some books on Masonic Knowledge, and Alchemy notes on how to make gold

4) all of his metals from UFO’s, samples, and his periodic table showing minerals that have not been revealed to the public

5) Some video tapes

6) The “Little Alien” magazines

Do you know exactly what company and occupation your husband worked for and the places he worked at exactly?

Philip worked for Morrison Knudsen. they are based in Idaho. They are famous for being civilian contractors for the military, and this is were Philip worked to make DUMB bases. This is where he became an expert in explosives. He worked for the National Coast Guard – later in life he went on search missions for missing people. He worked for a construction company in Vietnam. He flew planes out of Area 51 – there was a book on Planes, and he is in it. Philip often told me that the major part of his employment was under the ‘wrong” social security number. When he applied for social security disability, he found out he could not get SSD, even though he had a long work history. He could only get SSI – he was getting this before we got married. He was fighting the Soc. sec. admin. right up to the time of his death, trying to prove that his work history was under another person’s soc. sec. number. I was able to find many of his notes, was able to determine the “false” number and the soc. sec. admin. verified that this was correct. HOWEVER, because there was a living person attached to this false number, and because Philip had already DIED, they WOULD NOT PURSUE this mistake and they would not allow me to contact the other person – I could not determine which jobs were Philip’s and which jobs were this other person. So my daughter lost her ability to get soc. sec. death benefits under Philip. I couldn’t even get the death benefits to help bury Philip.

Details regarding harassment you got from government agencies, and or the corporations he worked for?

Before I got married to Philip I had a friend by the name of Terry. Terry worked for the NSA and is the “lawnmower” man. He could send his “spirit” through electrical lines, like TV’s, telephones, computers, etc. – he would go into a trance, and then wooosh, his spirit would leave his body and he was gone. He also had a device in which he could just turn a corner and then “disappear” – it was based on the Philadelphia Experiment, pocket sized version. However, because my perceptions are different than most, I could still she his “shadow” and I knew he was still around. He was fascinated by this. It was with him that I saw my first “man in black”. That was scary. When I told Terry that I had met Philip and that we were engaged, he came back to see me several days later. He expressed great concern and told me not to marry Philip. He said I was asking for a lot of trouble because of what he had done in the past. He also seemed to know a lot more about me, and I suspect he had looked at my “file”. When I cornered him about this he admitted that he had seen my file with the NSA, and that it was 2 volumes (and this was BEFORE I married Philip, I can only imagine how big it is now, probably 10 volumes). It is also important to know that my father, Frank Martain, “disappeared” before my birth. He went missing about July, 1952 and I was born April, 1953. Later was told by Terry that my father had become involved in Los Alamos, and had become a “Mechanic” (Killing people) – because I was a 10 month pregnancy, people have told me that my father was probably a “Montauk” boy. His entire past has been erased, including his marriage to my mother in Mexico, his birth in Los Angeles, CA, etc.

So when I married Philip I began to notice things. There was a “clicking” in my phone when I picked it up, and throughout the conversation. There was a weird truck with a wooden cover from Canada that showed up everywhere Philip and I went.. It was hard not to notice. My neighbor, that had been living in her home for 50 years, suddenly went to a nursing home and a new neighbor came in the same day Philip moved into my home. Philip was a little paranoid, but with good reason. It really was weird. I was pregnant with Marie, Philip and I had gotten married, and I felt like everywhere we went and everything we did was being watched. I was fed up. I actually went to the FBI office in downtown Portland and up to the FBI floor. I told them I wanted to talk with someone and was shown into a room with a large mirror (I’m sure two way). A gentleman came in and while we were talking, would click on and off his pen (probably recording). He asked me why I thought that they would be watching Philip. I told them because Philip had been in many black op projects and knew a lot about DUMB bases. The FBI agent got rude to me stating “What makes you think that we would spend millions of dollars on Philip…..why he is just a little fish in a great big pond! and then the conversation was over and he left. I noticed that the clicking on my phone ended and the truck disappeared. They were still watching, but it was not made known to us so openly. After Philip’s murder I was thinking that Philip must have become a big fish in a little pond. After Philip died people showed up at his funeral that I did not know. There was a man from Canada, who was really tall, with long fingers and an unusual aura – it made me think of “Thor” the alien from Venus – that was captured in the photo that Philip had on the USS Eldridge before the Philadelphia Experiment. I felt he was not of this earth. I remembered the truck from Canada and it made me wonder. After we left the funeral we went to my home only a few blocks away and I gave them items from Philip’s home. I did not want any of the “evidence” of aliens and UFO’s and black ops in my home. I know what the truth is without having proof of it. I already felt like someone had been in my home. Someone had been through stuff, but nothing was missing. As they were leaving for their cars, a black military helicopter flew overhead and then circled back, it hovered over my home and I could not see any markings, no numbers, no words – a man was sitting, his feet on the rung, with binoculars in his hands, looking at us and writing down license plates from the cars. We were all unbelieving, having heard about black helicopters but I had never been a part of such an event. Al Beileck knew right away. As everyone was leaving my home I noticed that my neighbor across the street was moving out that very day. My “watcher” was leaving. She moved in when Philip came to live at my home, and she moved out when he was buried…

Are their any available resources that proves his involvement in any projects he has spoken about or personal documents about his research, or death?

I have the original soc.sec. documents that show the employers he had under the wrong soc.sec. number. All of the original documents used in his lectures were “taken” after his death and before his body was found. I know he worked in Saudi Arabia and had a hard time because of his missing fingers. People thought he had been punished for stealing something. He bought a platinum watch over there and later traded this watch for a bracelet that I am wearing on my wrist right now. He built a DUMB base in New Guinea – while there he fell in love with a daughter of a chief and they had a son together. The son developed leprosy and was in a leper colony while I was married to Philip. He got a letter from New Guinea, first telling him that his son had died. Later before our divorce, he got a letter telling him that the mother had died in a motorcycle accident.

Philip told me that he had evidence that a major computer breakthrough had been developed between the USA and Japan. But the USA got greedy, and they destroyed documents and took all the credit for the royalties. While lecturing, a person came up to Philip and gave him documents that had survived to prove we had kept JAPAN from getting Millions of dollars of royalties for this invention. He actually went to Vancouver, British Columbia and was flown by Mitsubishi to JAPAN to give the documents to their government so that they could go to the World Court and sue the USA for the portion of the royalties that were their’s. Philip would get a portion of these if they won. Of course he died, so I have no idea if Japan won in the world court. Al Beliek verified that Philip was indeed flown out of Vancouver, BC to Japan. He could not get a “legal” passport because of his government clearance , so they actually “arrested” him in order to fly him out of Canada. Philip was always interested in the Masonic Lodge. His father, Oscar, was a 32 degree Mason. When the Denver Airport was built, he went to ‘interpret’ the Masonic designs found there. He was shocked – under the airport is a DUMB base, probably the largest in the nation – that is why it is so far from Denver. His analysis of the pictures and Masonic items were used over and over again in a variety of magazines and articles. He knew where the real source of the fatal E-Coli strain came from. He went to where the livestock for Jack in the Box is kept in California. He found the livestock pen next to a military base where they do genetic engineering (IE bio-warfare experiments) This was the same trip where he got caught in a restaurant in Coalinga, CA after they had a major earthquake. (there was the World Series in San Francisco, CA)

Where did the scars around his body such as his missing fingers come from exactly?

I believe that Philip had multiple injuries from a variety of sources. When I first met him he complained about intense back pain that never went away. He was on Dilantin for seizures. He had bandages on his legs and was about to have tumors removed from his legs. He had an ear replaced, a plate in his head, partial lungs, missing fingers, and deepscar down his chest, and about 500 shrapnel scars. His penis was slit down the top, his knees had no ‘knee jerk” reaction, and he had multiple learning disabilities. Later he would be diagnosed with cancer, osteoporosis, paranoid Schizophrenia and Multiple Sclerosis. But he was also a genius when it came to mathematics. Think of the movie “A Beautiful Mind” That was Philip. Think of his wife and child afraid he will kill them. That was me and Marie. He literally “loved us to death”. Philip had little memory of his past when I first met him. That was when he was on dilantin. He was taking Dilantin to prevent seizures, but I noticed that when he took Dilantin, he often had a seizure, so severe that he died. With the help of the Lord, I brought him back 4 times from death. After we were married, I did this one more time while my mother was visiting after Marie’s birth. Once I figured out that the Dilantin was actually Killing him, he stopped, and that is when his memory started to come back. It is as if he was being prescribed medications that would either make him forget or kill him. This would happen over and over again. After we separated he got into an experimental program for Multiple Sclerosis and was given Shots of Beta Keroten weekly. When he died I tried to get his medical records from OHSU, where the experiments are carried out. He wasn’t in the program. The person who came to his home weekly, and gave him shots weekly, was a fake. He was being slowly killed. But I guess he did not die quick enough. I can’t tell you first hand about his injuries, because I wasn’t there. I met him in the 1980′s, got to really know him after my first husband died in 1986 and we got married 1987.

When he had surgery on his back, they discovered a squashed disc and scar tissue that represented about 15 years of misery. They had told him it was all in his head..He had re constructive surgery on his neck (where there was a tracheotomy scar) and down his chest (where he would split open every summer down to the sternum and ooze out his life force) You could see scars in his temples and skull where he had a Halo Brace at one time. His teeth were worn down to little nubbins from grinding them, TMJ In his autopsy photo, I saw for the first time the scar on his shoulder from where he had been shot. And there was another mark on his arm, easily seen in one of the photos, but never described in the autopsy. A mysterious mark that looks like an injection was given to him before his death.

He talked about pouring concrete when the Freemont Bridge was made

He talked about doing work at the Trojan Nuclear Plant.

He was inspecting the doors to the reactor for “micro cracks”.

He was with an Hispanic male when suddenly one of the doors opened and radioactive waters came in. They were both exposed to a great amount of radioactive water. The male companion fell into the water because it go slippery. Philip was able to stay on his feet. Later the male coworker died and Philip stated he had been exposed to 3 times the lethal dosage, but had somehow survived. He suspected that this is why he had so much tumors and cancer. The 500 shrapnel wounds were from Vietnam. He was building roads with aconstruction crew in Vietnam. He was a civilian contractor for the military. Apparently he and his crew saw a nuclear plant, which they were not suppose to see, and they were hit with “friendly fire”. A bomb was literally dropped on everyone, and they were splattered with shrapnel. When we were at Kaiser for an emergency visit for Philip, a Dr. who saw Philip was shocked at the number of wounds that Philip had and verified their source along with wounds from being burned. Philip mentioned at this time that his chest was split open, his lungs were damaged, he got the plate in his head, his ear replaced and the tracheotomy scar. He states he survived because an oily Viet Cong flag was stuffed into the hole in his chest.

He mentioned that he was at the “Dulce Fire Fight” He indicated that they were using explosives, making a DUMB base, when they hit a “cavern” that should not be there. He went down with several others to investigate what was down there and discovered a cavern had already been carved out by aliens. They were a Draco species. There were large vatsand in them were human body parts and blood. Philip indicated that a fight began between the humans and aliens. They could actually piss in a hat and throw it at the aliens. They were sensitive to ammonia and it killed them. Eventually he was shot with a weapon that had a blue light. He called it a “Cobalt gun” and that this was how he had the major wound to his chest. This time it not only split him down from neck to belly button, but also across his chest below his rib cage.

I can believe both stories. He had two wounds, multiple wounds to the same area of his body. As to his fingers well I have a photo of him as an 18 year old in the ski patrol. Even as a youth he did search and rescue on Mt. Hood. He has some missing fingers. However, it looks like just the tips. When he talks about the injury to his fingers in his video, he gives a different reason for their damage. Again, I believe he had multiple injuries. The last one took more of the same fingers and an additional finger.

What proof is there that your husband committed suicide if any?

There is lots of proof that he didn’t, no note, inability to put the hose around his neck and knot it – no suicide is known to have occurred by someone who did not “hang” themselves with a hose – he just sat there and let it happen (NOT) – they said nothing of value was taken because his wallet and gold and money and items of value were still there they could not see the true items of value that had been taken. All of the notes, and photos and books. Priceless items. Probably stored next to the “Lost Ark” and the Aliens from Roswell. No coroner at his death, samples not kept, bad autopsy notes, etc. Just a death certificate issued after his autopsy that states “suicide by strangulation”

Did Phil have any friends from his work that I could contact?

1) Al Beliek – he talks about the Philadelphia Experiment – he also came to Philips funeral – co-speaker at many of the lectures that Philip did

2) His best friend was Ron Rummel, who was murdered like he was – it is because of his death that Philip started talking

3) Cynthia Drayer (me) – I saw most of the original documents that Philip used in his talk

4) Mark Rufener from *Seattle*, *Washington* who was going to help him write the book on the NWO – after he left Philips funeral he was harassed by the IRS – he had bought Philip’s car, so we had some contact for 2 years, then I lost contact

5) Ron Utella – Philip had borrowed a 9 MM gun from Ron to protect himself – I found it in Philips’ bedroom and returned it to Ron after the funeral

6) His brother, George Riley Schneider – George was a Multnomah Co. Sheriff when Philip was murdered – at first he wanted to help me find who had killed Philip – he helped me bring people together to see if we would figure out what had happened – then I figured out who one of them was , an old family friend – suddenly George was rude to me – he stated he thought I was a bad mother because I was still looking for someone when Philip had obviously committed suicide. It made me wonder if George had been behind the murder because they were still going through a nasty fight over the inheritance from Philip’s father, who had died several years before. He had a good reason for wanting Philip to dieand was probably relieved that he was gone – I still remember the first Thanksgiving I had with Philip – we went to his brother’s home and Philip started talking about Groom Lake, Area 51 and how they flew planes out of there to test them – George started to get upset and said to Philip “if you keep talking out about Area 51, someone will kill you”

Was your husband involved in any unusual things like he would leave at mysterious times or anything like that?

He would go away for long drives to Madras and Prineville, etc. – I helped to teach him how to drive again, and he took advantage of this I remember one time when Philip took off his watch and ring and took a shower – he came out of the shower and lay down next to me – suddenly he started to have a seizure and a fog rolled into the room – it was as if things to warped, sucking in and out. Then he came out of the seizure and the fog disappeared – I told him of what I saw and he and I were both a little spooked. When he went to get his watch and ring, they were in a different place. They had moved all the way across the room to a different dresser, and the time on the watch was blinking, like the battery had restarted. I always thought the date and time meant that Philip would die on that date (it was in April) and time, but he died on a different one. I already mentioned the time that the Lord helped me bring Philip back from the dead. The last time, when my mother was there, Philip was still recovering from surgery on his chest and Marie had just beenborn. My mom and I were in the kitchen and Philip was in the attic in a hospital bed. Suddenly we heard the hospital bed lift off the floor and bang back down. I rushed up. Philip was lifeless in the bed. His wound from his surgery had exploded open and there was a large pool of blood on the floor – he was lifeless, eyes back in his sock, not breathing, no pulse – his spirit was gone – I did what I normally did to try and bring him back, but this time he was not coming back – I called my mother, and we both laid hands on him. Suddenly, he arched his back as his spirit came back and he started to breath again. Philip was mad. Why did we bring him back?. He could describe how his friends were all waiting form him and he was happy to see them. For the first time in decades he felt no pain at all When things started to get bad between Philip and I, his anger was explosive. I was scared. My first husband, Leo, had died a year and 1/2 before I married Philip, and his spirit was still present in my home. Sometimes we could hear his footsteps in the attic. Sometimes items of Philips would disappear and he would find them in different parts of the home. I needed Philip to leave, but he swore he would never leave. Then one day he went into the attic and Leo showed himself as a blue ethereal light and it really scared Philip. He left the house. So the spirit of my 1st husband saved from from my 2nd. Marie, our daughter, is such a spiritual being and has the 6th sense. She could see Leo from the time she was born. I can still remember her coming to me as a 2 year old asking me who that old man in the dining room was. It was Leo, of course.

Philip told me about his experiments with quartz. He was drawn to quartz. He could “hear” quartz. We would go to gravel pits in Wilsonville, where he lived, and the sun would be setting. But he could still locate quartz in the large piles of gravel because he could “hear” them. When he would go home, he would say how the quartz kept him company, because he could hear their songs. Certainly this why we use quartz in watches, because they have a natural vibration. When Philip wore a quartz watch, he would blow it up, it would always die because he had an electric personality. When he turned on a light switch, 50% of the time he also blew out the light bulb. And when he got mad, the whole room would be electrified . Anyway, he would vibrate quartz faster and faster and eventually he created a “warp”. He made it so big that he could but a broom through it and the broom would “disappear”:. it was thorough these experiments with quartz that he developed his formula for making gold. You had to follow the formula exactly and in the same amounts to prevent from getting radioactive gold. It suddenly made sense that Fort Knox in TN is lead lined. Someone got greedy and made a radioactive batch of gold.

How has your life been like since Phil has departed?

Our daughter, Marie, was 8 – she was devastated and still laments over his death. She is 21 now. Her son Joshua was born on the anniversary of Philip’s death, January 10th, 2006 (10 years to the day). He just turned 3. My son Michael, now 15, remembers the last Christmas we had together and the gift of a tricycle that his godfather bought him. I miss the man that admired my intelligence. I miss the friend who could talk to me until the sun came up about Geology, and Geography, NWO, Disasters, UFO’s, Aliens, and theories about the Universe. Soon after his death I was contacted by Alexandra Bruce, an assistant to Peter Moon, a publisher. Peter had written books about Montauk and government cover ups and black budgets. I found a mission in giving Alexandra information about Philips life, work, and death. She eventually wrote a book called “The Philadelphia Experiment Murder” and it was released on the 5th anniversary of his death, January 2001. I still wear a necklace I took from Philip’s night stand. It has a Mexican coin minted on the year he was born, 1947. I placed that necklace on with the vow that I would never take it off until I got justice for Philip’s murder. I am still wearing it.

What would I like to see?

At a minimum I would like the authorities to recognize the fact that Philip did not commit suicide. I would want the death certificate to state “death unknown” or “death under investigation” or “Homicide” And I would feel vindicated if actual people who caused Philip’s death were caught, tried, and convicted of his murder.


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