Fish and Birds Reported dead Around the World

About VisionVine

Truth is a practice. It is fluid. This site is an exercise such as a gauge of the expansiveness of the imagination in a fanciful manner. An exercise that tests the spectrum of our perspective. Truth calls on intuition, activates our sense of finding direction, rather than inventing it, like archeologists that dig not for the past but for the future. Non linear conceptualization: intuitive and paradoxical. This project is intended to create an experience of the Truth, to test the imagination, to reach its parameters and push them out. To facilitate a transition into a new paradigm.
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2 Responses to Fish and Birds Reported dead Around the World

  1. pmbhuntress says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting all of this in one place. Maybe now I can get some research done and see if solar flare activity and solar storms may have been a part of what happened.

    • VisionVine says:

      glad that you appreciate the content. Any new information free of deception that you can provide is desperately apprecitaed. Good luck in yyour research and please keep me posted as to what you find out.


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