The Reagan Shooting Conspiracy

“Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting”
-Associated Press (March 31, 1981)


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Truth is a practice. It is fluid. This site is an exercise such as a gauge of the expansiveness of the imagination in a fanciful manner. An exercise that tests the spectrum of our perspective. Truth calls on intuition, activates our sense of finding direction, rather than inventing it, like archeologists that dig not for the past but for the future. Non linear conceptualization: intuitive and paradoxical. This project is intended to create an experience of the Truth, to test the imagination, to reach its parameters and push them out. To facilitate a transition into a new paradigm.
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2 Responses to The Reagan Shooting Conspiracy

  1. VisionVine says:

    Notes On the Day Reagan Was Shot: A Timetable to Power?
    What is going on in an administration when a Cabinet member cannot see the President himself alone? Why would an administration that was truly being run by a president be run in that fashion. Former Treasury Secretary Donald Regan recounts just such a problem in his book For The Record: From Wall Street To Washington (New York: St. Martin’s, 1988, 159-61):

  2. J gordon says:

    American oil ruling and greasing the american economy big leader of the free world big wheel and not the suadi commi islam oil thats ………why……….. but how… that much cold war tech for brain verifying true for nuclear national security defense got envolved is wierd……..the military cia secret weapon for national defense speacial balistic got miss used some how ..

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