War on Terror Hoax – Aaron Russo


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Truth is a practice. It is fluid. This site is an exercise such as a gauge of the expansiveness of the imagination in a fanciful manner. An exercise that tests the spectrum of our perspective. Truth calls on intuition, activates our sense of finding direction, rather than inventing it, like archeologists that dig not for the past but for the future. Non linear conceptualization: intuitive and paradoxical. This project is intended to create an experience of the Truth, to test the imagination, to reach its parameters and push them out. To facilitate a transition into a new paradigm.
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One Response to War on Terror Hoax – Aaron Russo

  1. Keep an open mind and look at the facts first (not just what you have been told by the mass media). You will discover that you have been misled and deceived by habitual liars on TV and in newspapers:


    Listen to the interviews of Aaron Russo, just before he recently died of cancer. He exposed the plans of the “elites” who run the planet:

    Here is the testimony of an ex-illuminati member who revealed the elites’ plans for mass population reduction:


    Listen to all the MP3 recorded speeches, especially tapes 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B

    According to ex-illuminati member John Todd, the elites are planning to shut down all food, fuel and water supplies, and cull down human populations in big cities.

    Watch the Loose Change film


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